Since its beginning, Magic Castle became one of the best and most modern pre-school centers, offering bilingual (Spanish-English) educational services based on a curriculum developed especially for children between the ages of 1 and 6. To the date, we continue on this path and for this reason, we are extremely proud to support the development of bilingual pre-school education in our country.

Magic Castle is a privately owned business that was founded in August of 1999 with the aim to provide bilingual pre-school and early childhood education programs of the highest quality in a modern and secure environment. It was formed by a family partnership of professionals with ample experience in education and administration.

Our mission is to develop the abilities and potential of our students in the physical, mental, social and emotional areas of their lives within a modern and safe environment through our early childhood education curriculum.

We believe in providing an Integral Education beginning from early age which will develop cognitive, communicative and socio-affective abilities. We also believe in Early Childhood Education, and that this will turn the child into a student who is passionate about knowledge, with excellent intellectual and moral values. We take as foundation the child’s intelligence and his or her imagination, and build upon it by applying the principle “Learn by Playing.”

Additionally, we believe that teaching by example is the most genuine way to impart knowledge. Magic Castle participates in different charitable activities as part of our yearly effort to contribute to our community. This way we serve as an example in the development of solidarity and kindness in our students. We are confident that if these types of teachings are applied at home as well as in school, that in the future they will be self-confident people, they will make good decisions and they will form families full of love and good values.

Our Vision is to become regional leaders in Bilingual Pre-School Education, providing Integral Education within the highest standards in quality and professionalism, with the goal of bringing up children with excellent intellectual and emotional values.

Teaching Staff
Our teaching staff has been carefully selected. We evaluate their abilities, accomplishments and profesional experience in order to fill our teaching requirements. In the same way, each member is evaluated taking into account that their personality be kind and that he or she holds a genuine interest in the care of children.

Our teachers are highly qualified due to their vast experience in education. They receive constant training with the most advanced techniques and procedures in order to strengthen their abilities and offer the best integral education. We assure that the curriculum is followed by daily supervision directed by Magic Castle’s Principal.

Administrative Staff
Our adminstrative staff holds ample customer service and administrative experience. They will offer all of the support necessary in administrative tasks, for example registration and enrollment, monthly payments, and any other type of information required. Our staff will gladly help you and provide the specialized service that you deserve.

Support Staff
The support staff complements the teaching and administrative staff by assisting in the care of the children. Among the members of this staff are the nurse, the nannies who assist in the classroom, the drivers and nannies who provide their service during transport, among others. We should also mention that we have a psychologist on staff who takes on special cases that require of her services

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Classrooms are equipped with the most modern furnishings. Children have access to all types of toys and educational material in order to develop their creativity and fine motor skills. Our students feel comfortable in our classrooms because they are equipped with air purifiers, ceiling fans and colorful decoration which is perfect for the continuing development of their creativity and learning skills.

Computer Lab
In the computer lab, students interact with educational software appropriate for their age and with characters they will recognize from children’s popular culture; for example: Blues Clues, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, among others. Besides learning to interact and to use computer equipment, this experience reinforces the lessons learned in class. It also teaches them to share, to make decisions and to be more independent.

Multiple-Purpose Room
We have Lego® pieces, blocks, puzzles, towers, puppets and children’s movies available to students in this room. We consider all of these elements necessary tools for social and intellectual development.

Play Areas
Our outdoor play areas are decorated with beautiful murals. The areas are spacious—designed in order to allow children to play, run, jump and socialize in a safe environment.

In Early Childhood Education, exercise, games and sports develop gross motor skills in the child. The gym is equipped with the necessary implements in order to develop these skills in our students. We use exercise mats, balls, ropes, musical instruments, among others.

Nurse’s Office
A certified nurse is available full-time in our Community. The Nurse’s Office is completely equipped in order to assist in first aid. We are also affiliated to a service plan with Medired, a first-response service.

Magic Castle’s library includes a large quantity of children’s books so that our little ones begin to develop reading as an enjoyable good habit.

One of the greatest priorities at Magic Castle is the physical safety and emotional security of our students.

Physical Safety
The facilities, students, and personnel at Magic Castle Pre-School are protected by important security measures, designed and implemented to promote peace in the school community. Aside from a wall that encloses the perimeter of the property, we have a camera at the gate, camera circuit, alarm system and a security agent who remains in the external area of the facility.

The access gate is opened only when required. We have a person assigned and trained to receive students who communicates via radio and the gate camera. We have implemented very strict security measures when the children are to go home; they will only be given to the person who is authorized to pick him or her up. We are able to identify this person because he or she will be wearing a special ID badge issued by Magic Castle. In this same way, our transportation service includes permanent radio communication, seat belts and a nanny on board. The vans windows are tinted and they are equipped with A/C.

Inside of the facilities we have also implemented safety measures in order to protect students from injury. The play areas are protected with special rails and all of the furnishings are specially designed with this same objective in mind.

Emotional Security
Students are treated with the utmost respect and care and in this way we develop a sense of confidence and belonging in them.
Among the curriculum’s objectives in the socio-emotional area are:
• The child will learn to display a positive attitude towards life.
• The child will be able to experience high self-esteem.
• To offer the child an excellent environment with care and security in order to develop a solid foundation in both social and emotional aspects.


Magic Castle offers two school periods, daily from Monday through Friday:

Morning Schedule
8:30 am -11:30 am
Afternoon Schedule
12:30 pm- 3:30 pm

We also offer a full day schedule for parents who require it. In this case, children take their lunch and nap before they begin the afternoon schedule.


Level I: Baby Tots, 1 year olds
This level is designed for 1-2 year olds, in order that they learn how to share and socialize with their teachers and classmates. We emphasize the development of motor function and exploration through senses, through game and the stimuli of our colorful facilities.

Level II: Pre-nursery,  2 year olds
At this stage, children increase their vocabulary in English. We perform special excercises in order to perfect motor function. They also learn to follow instructions through games and interact with their teachers and classmates in various activities. There is a variety of stories and puppets at their disposal which together with the skits they perform, serve as a support that aids in extending their vocabulary.

Level III: Nursery, 3 year olds
During this time the child becomes familiar with shapes and colors, among other basic concepts. They improve fine motor skills, for example: cutting, threading, gluing and scraping. Their vocabulary increases in English through stories, poems and songs. They learn to work as a team and improve gross motor skills.

Level IV: Pre-kinder, 4 year olds
This pre-school level is designed so that children 4 years old can learn to make group decisions. In academics, they learn the alphabet and its sounds, numeric and mathematical concepts and do pre-writing excercises.

Level V: Kindergarten, 5 year olds
During this level children learn about reading in English as well as in Spanish. They study number recognition, addition of sets, serialization, and estimating numerical figures, among others. They develop study units in science and social studies. Children enjoy the diversity in physical education excercises and the introduction to sports.

Copy of the Birth Certificate
Copy of Immunization Card (with vaccines up to date)
Three (3) photographs (carnet sized)

Magic Castle Polo
Magic Castle T-shirt
Magic Castle Sweatpants and Sweatshirt
Shorts for Gym class

Values Program
Due to the great importance of an education formed on a foundation of values, Magic Castle offers a Values Program, which incorporates the study of one value per month. Teachers give short seminars to the students and plan activities that will reinforce what was learned in class. The objective is to help develop in the students: love for his or her neighbor, distinguish between right and wrong, respect, acting without violence, self-control and maturity

Psychology Services
Magic Castle offers the services of a psychologist, who will take on cases referred by the Director once parents have given their consentment

School for Parents
Magic Castle’s School for Parents is a service that has been available since our community was founded. The primary purpose of School for Parents is to provide seminars on different topics of interest in the educational, psychological, affective and security fields, in order to support the integral education of the children in their day-to-day lives.

Transportation Services
They are optional and include strict security measures, air conditioning and onboard entertainment for the children. The service is billed monthly for the duration of the school year.

Subscription to Medired’s Services
This is a first response service which includes emergency assistance by certified doctors and all of the equipment necessary to facilitate this assistance at our facilities at no additional cost.

Credit Card Payments
We take credit and debit card payments at our administrative office.